Christmas Midnight commences 11.30pm Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 9.00am
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St Paul's Anglican Church

If you live in the northern suburbs of Perth, and are looking for a church which is ...

  • Inclusive (we come from every continent)
  • follows traditional Anglican worship
  • welcoming to all
  • with music led from a stunning modern pipe organ

St Paul's may be for you.  Why not come along and visit us? Services on Sundays:  8.00am and 9.30am with an 11.30am service in the Dinka language. (Note Christmas Day, 2016 is a Sunday and there is no 8.00am service, and an earlier family service at 9.00am)

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Welcome to the website of St Paul's Anglican Parish of Balga Mirrabooka.  We are part of the Anglican Diocese of Perth.  The Anglican Communion is the third largest gathering of Christians, and is a unique blend of protestant and catholic traditions.

At St Paul's we celebrate this diversity welcoming Christians from many nations, along with local Perth people.  Although we come from many countries and traditions we all call St Paul's home, and are delighted to welcome both visitors and those who are looking for a spiritual home.

The Anglican Church has a policy of open hospitality for all - all who receive holy communion in their own denominations, are welcome to receive communion with us, and all, whether wishing to receive communion or not, are welcome to come up for a blessing. 

Our worship is centred on A Prayer Book for Australia, and the 8.00am and 9.30am services are follow the Second Order of the Eucharish.  Morning Tea, after the services, provides an opportunity to get to know others in the congregation.

The 9.30am is a sung Eucharist.  As you can read about on the Music Page, we have a rich and developing tradition of music, with the music led by the stunning von Beckeroth Pipe Organ which John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School put into the Church several years ago, and during term time, the beautiful St Paul's Chapel Choir.

Our hymns are normally taken from the Together in Song hymn book, and the choir enriches the music with varying settings of the Eucharist.

As well as our two English speaking services, each Sunday there is a service at 11.30am for the Sudanese Dinka people.


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